Sharing ideas and resources is key to achieving our aims and building a supportive and caring community. The illustration educators website is a publishing platform that builds connections between us and publicly advocates for our interests and concerns. 

Each year our advisory committee selects a provocation/theme which is then communicated via our newsletter and on the illustration educators website. 

In response to the provocation we will host a series of workshops, reading groups and seminars, which are open to all members, to generate resources which are then published on the illustration educators website. Members are also invited to submit resources that they have authored in response to the provocation. Authors will decide whether the resources are only available to members or published publicly.

A symposium held at the end of the year brings together presentations from membership events as well as introducing new voices via an open call for papers. Outputs from the symposium will be publicly available via the resources page of the illustration educators website. 

How to Submit

We invite submissions, including:

  • Articles 
  • Research Projects 
  • Critical essays 
  • Visual essays based on practice-based research
  • Reviews on books, films, animations, museum and gallery exhibitions, conferences, performance, educational and research projects and events that relate to illustration education.
  • Teaching resources including project briefs, workshop plans, lectures…
  • Creative responses to the theme.

Initial submissions should take the form of a PDF Document (72 dpi), with the file named as Name_Surname.doc. 

All contributions should be original and authors are responsible for copyright permissions. 

Authors will need to indicate whether their resource is to be only available to members or published publicly.

Submissions will be reviewed by 2 members before approving to publish on the ie website, at which point you will be asked to supply high resolution images, film and/or a text document. . 

Please include your name, any affiliated institution or organisation and contact details. 

If you would like to make a submission please send to (email address here i.e.

Please ensure that you read our submission guidelines before sending.